OTC Medications

Changes to Medication Administration Rules

Based upon revised recommendations from the Illinois State Board of Education, District 211 school nurses will no longer administer over-the-counter pain relievers or antacids without parent and physician approval.

In order for a student to receive these medications at school, a completed and signed Authorization for Administration of Over-the-Counter Medication form must be submitted to the school nurse. Forms are good for only the current school year, and a new form must be submitted each school year. Students do not need to provide these medications to the school nurse as District 211 Health Services offices will continue to supply these medications to authorized students.

Please remember that per the student handbook, students are not permitted to have medications, including over-the-counter medications, on themselves or in their lockers. The Authorization for Administration of Over-the-Counter Medication form is available from the school nurse and on the school or district website. Please contact t he school’s Health Services office at 847.755.2663 with any questions.

OTC Medication Authorization Form