A word from administration about parking permits

Moving forward, a student’s first semester parking permit tag number needs to correspond with the license plate registered with the school. If the first semester permit number and the license plate the school has on file do not match, a student could receive a parking ticket from the Palatine Police Department.

Additionally, the Palatine Police Department will not be issuing any warnings for vehicles that do not have the proper first semester parking permit displayed. Please make sure your student’s first semester permit is displayed at all times or they could be subject to a parking ticket from the Palatine Police Department.

Any student found to be misusing their parking pass privileges–making duplicates, allowing a friend to use the pass, selling the pass to another student–may be subject to a parking pass suspension or revocation. Fraudulent parking passes, including forgeries and parking passes bought on the secondary market, will be confiscated and may be treated as a theft of service.