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After the Second World War, the population of Palatine had outgrown the capacity of Palatine High School, and a second facility was needed to handle the additional students. In 1961, Palatine High School South opened at the intersection of Quentin Road and Illinois Street. Originally, PHS South served only freshmen and sophomores, with juniors and seniors attending Palatine High School. After three years, the two schools both became four year high schools, and PHS South was renamed in honor of William Fremd, who served on local school boards for over four decades. Fremd High School had its first graduation in 1968.

FHS 1950s architectural renderingOver the next four decades, the school progressively grew, adding to both the curriculum and the building as the area’s population burgeoned and science and technology advanced. Today, in the 21st Century, Fremd High School hosts nearly 3,000 students and has a faculty of over 200 teachers. FHS has received countless awards, honors, and recognition for its excellence in academics, athletics, and the fine arts.

School Report Card

Each year, the Illinois State Board of Education releases school report cards detailing information about academic performance, as well as demographic, resource, and finance data at the school, district, and state levels. The information in the report, gathered throughout the school year, is submitted to the Board by the school. The report card is released to the public in October, and may not be abridged or modified by the school.

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Viking Fight Song

Our Viking Teams are victory bound
so might, brave and bold!
And Loyalty gives us the right
to raise our Green and Gold.
To Vikings in the battle now
we raise our victory cry —
Go/Fight/Win/You Viking Teams of
mighty William Fremd High.
Now forge ahead, another goal
our mighty team will score;
And true to you we’ll always be,
whatever is in store.
Strike swiftly now and gain control,
our Vikings will defeat!
And prove to all with FIGHT–FIGHT–FIGHT!
Fremd Vikings can’t be beat!
Go, Go, Go–Go–Go!
Fight, Fight, Fight–Fight–Fight!
Win, Win, Win–Win–Win!
Go–Fight!! Win!!! Hey!!!!