Applied Technology
Applied Technology has classes in many different disciplines
The Applied Technology department currently organizes courses based on career path.

Courses listed below with an * are eligible for college credit

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  • Autmotive Technology
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics Technology
  • Information Technology
Automotive Technology
-T134 Engine and Power Technology
-T235 Automotive Technology 1
-T336 Automotive Technology 2*
-T437/T487 Automotive Independent Study*
-Diesel Power
Architecture and Construction
-T166 Architecture Animation Engineering 1
-T266 Architecture Animation Engineering 2
-T366/466 CAD Independent Study
-T336/446 Building Construction
-T202 PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design(Apply Now!)*
-T302 PLTW Principles of Engineering*
-T418 PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture*
-T428 PLTW Biological Engineering and Environmental Sustainability*
-T608 PLTW Digital Electronics*
-T144 Production Technology
-T245 Woodworking Technology 1
-T346/446 Woodworking Independent Study
Electronics Technology
-T174 Electronics Technology 1*
-T276 Electronics Technology 2
-T377/477 Electronics Independent Study
Auto Club
Wednesdays 3p-8p Room 6
Description: Time for students to work on their own cars, and those of their friends and family.  Additionally, Auto club fields multiple teams for the "Engine Teardown" HROT challenge.
Sponsor: Elza

CAD Club
Tuesdays 3p-5p Room 11
Description: Independent lab time to design architecture, engineering, and animation.
Sponsor: Cattero

Robotics Club
Mondays 3p-5p Room 5
Description: Robotics Club competes in an annual BATTLE robot competition where large robots with weapons battle to disable the opponent.
Sponsor: Hardy and Crosse

Makers Club
Tuesdays 3p-5p Room 5
Description:Through 2D & 3D modeling and printing, laser engraving, vinyl cutting, CNC programming, woodworking, electronics, and other textile and artistic exploration, students in the club will have an opportunity to use the Applied Technology department’s resources to create many projects
Sponsor: Catterp

Electronics Club
Thursday 3p-5p Room 8
Description: Electronics club is a place to create your own electronic designs and devices, fix electronics, and enjoy talking about and experiencing cutting edge electronic technology!
Sponsor: Crosse

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