Graduation Requirements

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Academic AreasDistrict 211 Graduation Requirements*Community College Career Programs, Vocational Schools4-Year Colleges
and Universities, Community College Transfer Programs*Highly Selective Colleges and Universities
ENGLISH4 Years 4 Years 4 Years: Emphasis on written
and oral communication and literature 4 Years
 including a 300-level course2 Years3 Years: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry4 Years Recommended through Calculus

(laboratory sciences)

2 Years2 Years3 Years: Recommended
core areas: Biology, Chemistry, Physics4 Years: Recommended core areas: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
SOCIAL STUDIES2 Years: U.S. History
and Social Science Survey or equivalent2 Years3 Years: Emphasis on history
and government (requirement varies)3 to 4 Years
WORLD LANGUAGE1 Year or Vocational Education/Fine ArtsNone Required2 Years **2 to 4 Years


1 Year or
World LanguageNone Required2 Years: ** May include courses in:
Applied Technology, Art, Business Education, Life and Family Studies, or Music1 Year recommended

* Additional District 211 requirements include: health, consumer education, driver education, and 4 years of physical education.
** World language preparation may be recommended or required by colleges or universities. State-supported universities in Illinois may accept vocational education or fine arts courses in lieu of foreign language. Check with a counselor for details.