Attendance & Discipline

Attendance Office

Attendance Office Phone | 847.755.2670

The Attendance Office is located near the main entrance of the school, across from the cashier’s window. Call the Attendance Office to report an absence when a student is too ill to attend school. If a student is cleared to leave school for an excusable reason during the day, the Attendance Office should be notified as the student leaves the building.

Attendance Policy

Daily attendance at school is required by State Law. Success in school is linked closely with being in the classroom, joining in class discussion, and doing the assigned work on a regular basis. In the classroom, students can take full advantage of classmates’ ideas, teacher explanations of assignments, and other material that enriches learning. There is no way to duplicate the same classroom experience after a student has been absent.

Click here for details of District 211 attendance policy.

Lost & Found

The school’s Lost & Found is located in the Attendance Office. Ask the staff there for assistance with recovering a lost article. If you have found a lost item, bring it to the Attendance Office as soon as possible. Lost electronic devices, such as iPads and mobile phones, should be reported missing to the police consultant immediately. All unclaimed items in the Lost & Found are donated to charity at the end of each semester.

Discipline Office

The Discipline Office is located inside the main office block, across from the receptionist/switchboard operator. Ordinarily, teachers and school officials maintain order and safety in the classroom and school, however if a student’s behavior becomes so offensive or disruptive that it interferes with the instructional process or learning environment, the student will be sent to the discipline office to be seen by an assistant principal.

Discipline Expectations

Students at Fremd are expected to attend assigned classes, work conscientiously, and exhibit good school citizenship. The Calendar Handbook serves as a guide to school district policy. Additionally, rules and policies are reviewed with all students during an Expectations Assembly at the start of year.

Police Consultant | 847.755.2660

A police consultant, a sworn police officer employed by the Palatine Police Department, is assigned to Fremd High School. Fremd’s currently assigned police consultant is Officer Derek Bahn. All police matters which occur at school are handled by the police consultant. The consultant’s primary function is prevention of juvenile delinquency through classroom lectures and individual counseling. Students or staff members who experience thefts, vandalism, or related problems while at school should notify Officer Bahn.


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